We established new rules for a perfume ad
The standard combo of model + fast cuts + cool song wouldn't do for the launch of Avon's top male fragrance in Brazil. So we invited actor/activist Lázaro Ramos and, together, wrote a manifesto redefining what it means to be successful.
First World Cup campaign by a beauty brand in Brazil. First perfume film to star a black man.


We turned football fans into Brazilian heroes.

World Cup coverage and ads are usually focused on the players. So we focused on the fans, looking for inspiring stories. And how we found them! Each fan got to be the star of one of our docs, tell his or her story, and be our companion while we cheered the national team on. The docs were shot, edited and posted in real-time, during the matches.



We turned ice cream into connection devices.

That's how we relaunched a beloved brazilian brand - star of many childhood memories. Partnerships with Spotify, Hotels.com and others gave instant connections to over 100k costumers. Snapchat queen Thaynara OG and many, many animated popsicle sticks helped spread the message.



We moved Doritos into Snapchat.

Doritos was the first brand in Brazil to have a Snapchat ad and a sponsored filter. It did so in style. Instead of adapting material from other platforms, we created specially for Snapchat - and it shows.



We created a superhero to rescue mobile users.

And then I gave Super Chip some groove, writing songs for him - he was a natural for Baile Funk. That's how we launched Tim's bet for low-priced mobile service: a new kind of SIM card (chip) that came loaded with advantages.